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What is that exotic flavor?? February 1, 2010

It’s tarragon.

On Friday night, I was making a rather uninspired dinner: frozen/thawed/broiled steak, fries and frozen peas. It was a long week, I was tired, and nothing fancy was springing to mind. When I surveyed the meal that was about to be served, I realized it needed some TLC, and for me that means a packet of some kind. I love cooking, I love it when I have time to make sauces, gravies or what-have-you from scratch, but with a job and commute sometimes I’m too tired to go the extra mile. Thank Jeebus for sauce packets.

I mixed up the Bernaise sauce packet I had grabbed during my last grocery store run, and poured a generous serving over both our small steaks.

Apparently, on Steve’s first bite, the heavens opened and the light of the universe shone down upon his plate. “What is that exotic flavor?? This is delicious!! I can’t place it, what IS IT??”

Thank you, McCormick, for helping me impress my husbeast.


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