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Salmon en Papillote with Zucchini, Carrots & Mushrooms (and also – look I found our blog!!) January 5, 2010

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So, after a year of non-posting (and um, there’s only one post from last year anyway…) here we (or at least me, I hope Karen too!) are again.  I made about a billion New Years Resolutions, the first (in conjunction with hubby) is to make one new recipe every week – and most weeks it needs to be something healthy.  I think I was feeling a little inspired by Julie & Julia (the movie, not the book.  I was disappointed in the book.  But I digress…)

Anyhow – after watching the movie I checked a Julia Child & Jacques Pepin book out of the library, and Ben flipped through it to find a “dinner challenge” for me.  Turns out he doesn’t think I can cook fish in a bag made from parchment paper.  I thought he’d think I’m some sort of culinary genius, but unfortunately the success of this recipe only made him think he needs to find something harder for me to cook.   Here’s how I made it (sorry for the fact that the measurements are inexact, I don’t really measure much unless I’m baking):

  • 1 salmon fillet (maybe 7 ounces)
  • about a half a zucchini, julienned
  • about a half a carrot, julienned
  • one mushroom, sliced thin (recipe called for shiitake, I just used whatever I found in the grocery store)
  • some butter
  • parsley
  • parchment paper (I think my piece was about two feet long by however wide parchment paper rolls are – maybe 15″?)

Season both sides of the salmon fillet with salt and pepper.  Fold the parchment paper in half and put the salmon in the middle of one half.


Sprinkle the veggies around the salmon, dot with butter, and sprinkle with parsley (use fresh parsley if you happen to have it, which I don’t. I just used dried).

Attempt to fold the paper into a sort of bag.  I worked from one corner down, making a kind of semi-circle.  At the last “corner” twist the paper so the bag will stay inflated.  Now untwist it enough so you can stick a straw in there and inflate the bag.  I didn’t think I did this very well, but it turned out okay.

Put it on a cookie sheet and into a 425° oven for about ten minutes.

Oh the yummy goodness.

He was very proud that I didn’t “burn the paper.”  I guess he thought if I put paper into a hot oven it would ignite…


One Response to “Salmon en Papillote with Zucchini, Carrots & Mushrooms (and also – look I found our blog!!)”

  1. JustPants Says:

    Yay!!! You get a digital gold star!! After watching that movie, Derek was so inspired that he said I should go to culinary school! Oh how I long to live out my husband’s dreams.

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